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Times, information, & guidelines for SWARC's weekly nets on the W8CWO repeater

The Steubenville-Weirton Amateur Radio Club currently operates one weekly General net and encourages participation in a bi-weekly informal net..

(All times listed are in the local time currently in effect - EST/EDT)

NOTE: Since the 146.66/06 MHz W8DIIJ repeater provides the best coverage, all SWARC club and net activities will be handled on that machine!

Sunday General Net

Who:  Net control varies; a group of scheduled net control operators handles the net control duties on a rotating schedule.

What:  "SWARC Sunday Night" Weekly informational net.

When:  Every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM.  (Duration is typically 15-30 minutes.)

Where:  Frequency is 147.66/06 MHz WD8IIJ repeater (PL 114.8 Hz).


The purpose of this net is to serve as an informational net for amateur operators within the range of the repeater.  A list of check-ins will be recorded, and you will also have the opportunity to make general comments, give a report, or make any announcements you deem appropriate.  Checkins with "No Comment" are also welcomed.  Those stations not able to check in over the air, via RF, are encouraged to check in via the N9GD-R EchoLink node.

Wednesday Informal Net (on 2nd/4th/5th Wednesdays)

Who:  There is no set net control - This is an informal net in which all SWARC members (as well as non-members) are encouraged to meet on the air on the .06 repeater on those "off" Wednesdays when no regular club meeting is scheduled or held.

What:  General discussion, informal net, with topics to be determined by those who join in.

When:  Every second and fourth (and possibly fifth) Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM.  (Duration is determined by the interest of the stations involved).

Where:  Frequency is 147.66/06 MHz WD8IIJ repeater (PL 114.8 Hz).


The purpose of this net is for club members to participate in a general, informal net to provide on-the-air activity when no regular club meetings are scheduled or held.  Topics will be determined by those participating and will be general and varied in nature.



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