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2017 Club Officers:

Ken Gilcrest, AB8KT (email)
758 Fairview Heights Drive
Toronto, OH 43964
Phone: (702) 339-0480

Monte Pettengill, WD8IIJ (email)
Vice President
1730 Township Highway 244
Toronto, OH 43964
Phone: (740) 632-2247

Greg Day, N8GD (email)
Secretary/Treasurer & Repeater Trustee
109 Meadow Road
Wintersville, OH  43953
Phone: (740) 264-7914

You may e-mail any officer, above, at their ARRL e-mail forwarding address: (callsign)

Executive Committee Members:

          (All officers above, AB8KT, WD8IIJ, N8GD)

          plus 2 At Large Members: Tim Wansack, KD8UKT, & Jason Reighard, KB8SFC

Website Correspondence:

Greg Day, N8GD
Website / E-mail Contact


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