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2022 SWARC Club Officers:

Rick Shuster, WD8SAB (email)
103 Wilma Avenue
Steubenville, OH  43952
Mobile: (740) 632-2588

Monte Pettengill, WD8IIJ (email)
Vice President & 147.06(+) & 443.775(+) WD8IIJ Repeaters Owner
1730 Twp. Hwy. 244
Toronto, OH  43964
Mobile: (740) 632-2247

Greg Day, N8GD (email)
Secretary/Treasurer & 146.94(-) W8CWO Repeater Trustee
109 Meadow Road
Wintersville, OH  43953
Home Phone: (740) 264-7914
Mobile: (740) 632-4464

You may e-mail any officer, above, at their ARRL e-mail forwarding address: [call sign]@arrl.net, or you may click on the "(email)" link after their call sign to initiate sending an email message.

SWARC Executive Committee:

The SWARC Executive Committee is the governing body of SWARC and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization. Some of the decisions of the Executive Committee must be presented to the membership for approval, while there are specific duties of the committee that are their exclusive domain.  Many of the decisions of the committee may be overridden by a motion and vote from the membership should they not agree with a specific decision.

The Executive Committee members for 2022 are:

Rick Shuster, WD8SAB (email)

Monte Pettengill, WD8IIJ (email)

Greg Day, N8GD (email)

Paul Brandt, W8PAB (email)

Jeff Bake, KE8SOU (email)

Website Correspondence:

Greg Day, N8GD

E-mail: n8gd@arrl.net


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